body transformation and queer power – ongoing collaboration with Alexandru Cosarca

Ein verstaubter Silberstreifen mit Luftballons als Kleid, 2021

Happy Metal, 2022

Purple is Burning, 2020

Anatomie, 2021

photo diary

portrait & documentary photography,
on 35mm film, 50x75cm, since 2020

Shortly after the first lockdown in 2020 I began documenting people I meet and situations I experience within the queer viennese performance art and drag community. The pictures are taken spontaneously, sometimes during but often backstage or after the show and further on in private – outside of a performative context.

Who is pressing the shutter? How does being part of a group myself impact the way people act in front of my lens? What happens when a photographer – model dynamic turns into a long standing collaboration or friendship? Where does the performance stop and a private moment start?

I work with a small analogue point and shoot, making use of the snapshot moment and the impossibility to immediately see and improve the result.

After dark

portrait photography, on 35mm film, since 2019

When the sun sets I invite people from the LGBTQIA+ community to take over the streets together. We use public space as our studio. Playful, intimate yet powerful we create our own reality. I shoot on 35mm film and use in camera experimental techniques.

Claire I and II, 2023


I use, exagarate and sabotage face filters and other artificial intelligence powered video and photo editing tools on various platforms to create augmented reality avatars of myself – exploring gender expression, identity and the different parts of ones soul.

Primadonna Girl, 2022

I want a perfect soul, 2021

Baby I’ve got everything and so much more than she’s got, 2021

You’re magnificent when you’re innocent, 2022