hysterisch?!, objects & jewelry, wood, metal, spray paint, various sizes, since 2018

Stereotypes regarding gender and emotions in the form of oversized labels. Visitors can wear the labels and explore those stereotypes. The pop aesthetic and playful interactivity makes the work accessible to audiences in public space.

Make Up gegen den Lockdown Blues, performance, 5 min. 2021 – part of WERISTdICHTER? in der Quarantäne Teil 2
Synthice I, photography/AI art, 50×70, 2020

Synthice I can be seen as a collaborative project between the artist and the photoshop AI. I use the algorithm that is trained to recognize patters to interpret my face. How does the AI perceive me?

flesh&image, photography ,pigment print,  50×75 and 40×60, 2018-2019

Using elements from product- an advertising photography as well as femme connoted details like glitter or the color pink I create a visual language in which aesthetic seduction collides with culturally learned disgust.

when does somebody become something?, photomontage, fine art pigment print, series 40×60 and 60×40, 2018​

I combine photos of my own body with the body of non-human animals. Who/What is allowed to live and which bodies are an accepted casualty in the pursuit of human interests?

How to make a Haul Video, video, 1:18 min. (loop), 2015

A glimpse into the internet phenomenon of haul videos – showing an almost choir like ever repeating message of consumerism.