Online Performance Art/Digital Art & Prints, since 2021

I am blurring the lines between performance art, political comendy, multimedia art, drag and social media content using the online platforms tiktok and instagram. I work with memes, pop music, social media formats like makeup tutorials and fashion videos as well as augmented reality tools such as facefifilters.I am adressing topics of political and social issues, feminism&gender, online technology and mental health. A number of the online avatars I create for myself end up entering the physical exhibition space in form of printed portraits.

Instagram Reels

sexy olles danzt

Live Performance, 2022

Partyschlager/Volksmusik Dance songs as a genre is not only saturated with sexism but also tied to an easy palatable
party version of Austrian&German customs and displays of patriotism.
Andreas Gabalier wants women to iron their dirndl and DJ Robin sings about a girl who is “prettier, younger and hotter“. I am performing a lipsync medley of various partyschlager songs in hyperfeminine drag, wearing a dirndl, a blonde wig and a red string tanga with an edelweiss flower. The performance starts out with me embodying this erotic fantasy for the heteronormative male gaze but gets progressivly more disturbing.

Queering the KHM – Tiktok takeover
online performance art, 2022

As part of the project Queering the Kunsthistorisches Museum I took over their Tiktok account. In this self-contained series I produced 9 videos referencing paintings within the museum collection. I took the place of various historical & religious protagonists – doinga lipsync in drag as devil & archangel Michael or commenting on contemporary socio-economic inequality as Marie Antoinette. The videos were published online as well as shown on a screen in the
context of the physical exhibition – expanding a very traditional museal space with online art. (exhibition version) password: QHMJuni2022

You‘re magnificent, When you‘re innocent
photography / augmented reality art, print 90x60cm, 2022

photo diary
portrait & documentary photography, since 2020

Shortly after the fifirst lockdown in 2020 I began documenting people I meet and situations I experience within the queer viennese performance art and drag community. The pictures
are taken spontaneously, sometimes during but often backstage or after the show and further on in private – outside of a performative context. Who is pressing the shutter? How does being part of a group myself impact the way people act in front of my lens? What happens when a photographer – model dynamic turns into a long standing collaboration or friendship? Where does the performance stop and a private moment start?

I work with a small analogue point and shoot, making use of the snapshot moment and the impossibility to immediately see and improve the result.

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Makeup gegen den Lockdown Blues

Performance, 5min, 2021

Nach einem Jahr Pandemie wird in einem satirischem Makeup Tutorial Resüme gezogen über Lockdowns und deren psychologische Folgen, Zukunftsängste und dass die Reichen wohl doch nicht solidarisch für Corona bezahlen werden.

flesh & image

Fotografien, Fine Art Pigmentdruck auf Büttenpapier
40×60 und 50×75, 2018-2019

Die Werkreihe nutzt bewusst Anleihen aus der Produkt- und Werbefotografie, sowie femme-assoziierte Stilelemente wie Glitter oder die Farbe Rosa.

Dargestellt in einer Bildsprache in der sinnliche Anziehung mit gesellschaftlich erlerntem Ekel kollidiert wirft die Reihe Fragen nach der medialen Repräsentation
von Weiblichkeit* auf.